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Creator’s voice

Masaaki Yamagami of Yamagami Shōten

Using designs with traditional motifs,
scarves for everyday use were created.

Arimatsu Shibori has a great variety of techniques and designs, but each pattern conveys the expression of human hands. The brief for the Arimatsu Scarves that have been produced, items that make it easy to enjoy the diverse patterns of Arimatsu Shibori, was to celebrate “Japan blue” in the coloring and to use 100% linen fabric for its good feel. Each of the six differing styles reflects the differing personalities of those involved in making the item, and I hope that people can enjoy the distinctive character of each scarf. They have been made slightly larger than usual, so you can use them to bundle up belongings or to drape over furniture or to hang on your wall. I think Arimatsu Scarves can be used for stylish effects.

To spread the pleasure of Arimatsu Shibori to more people, we are now trying to catch the eye of overseas visitors and so extend the appeal beyond Japan. To further this aim, we want to place the faces of the makers more before the public. Fortunately, during the past few years, an increasing number of young people have shown steady willingness to take on stewardship of the legacy of traditional techniques. We hope that attracting increased interest in their products will keep them motivated into the future.

Speaking for the project, Yamagami talked about the feelings of the crafters: “This must have been about the first time that tie-dyed goods wholesalers have aligned their supply chains to produce a specific kind of item. The project reminded us again of the depth, breadth, and solidarity of the craft of Arimatsu Shibori.”

What kinds of technique and motif would be suitable for the new designs? Through a process of trial and error, the designers came up with stylish scarves made with traditional skills but with modern designs that stylish people can use today.