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Arimatsu Shibori × Tsugumono

What is Arimatsu Shibori?

Arimatsu Scarf

For more than 400 years, Arimatsu Shibori tie-dyeing has been practiced in and around the Arimatsu area of the city of Nagoya in Aichi Prefecture. Techniques such as rolling, tying, and folding are employed to make different designs, which are known for their beautiful patterning and subtle dimensional effects. Far surpassing the many other places in the world where tie-dyeing is practiced, Arimatsu, it is said, has more than 100 traditional designs.

Diverse beauty is created by changing or varying the shibori techniques. Different “wrinkles” and “folds” create distinctive dimensional effects. To share the charm of Arimatsu craft products with more people, Tsugumono has teamed up with Arimatsu tie-dye creators to develop new products.

Shibori skills meet modern design.

Each using their own special techniques, six creators of Arimatsu Shibori created Arimatsu Scarf designs on linen, a fabric known for its superior touch and breathability. The finished designs are a fusion of tradition and innovation.

Simple stripe patterns are formed by squeezing folds of cloth between boards.

Before dyeing, threads are sewn into the fabric. Afterwards, they are removed, leaving a beautiful, stately effect.

This rechnique creates elemental patterns that look like the grain of wood.

The motif is modern-looking, but each of the dots is unique.

Popular all over Asia, this muscular pattern makes a bold statement.

Created by twisting and tying, these designs subtly spin webs of fascination.

Creator’s voice

Using designs with traditional motifs, scarves for everyday use were created.

Masaaki Yamagami of Yamagami Shōten

See what Yamagami says.